Host your Next Kids’ Birthday Party in Melbourne at Noble Park Aquatic Centre

Thinking of a way to make your child’s next birthday unforgettable? Why not splash into fun at Noble Park Aquatic Centre? Offering a vibrant and exciting atmosphere, NPAC is the go-to destination for an extraordinary birthday celebration. With affordable options that cater to both kids and adults, you’re guaranteed a day filled with joy, laughter, and plenty of aquatic adventures. Imagine the delight on the children’s faces as they explore the water wonders of NPAC, making it a memorable day for everyone.


Why NPAC’s Birthday Party is the Ultimate Venue for Your Child’s Special Day

Celebrating your child’s birthday at NPAC is about creating an unforgettable experience without breaking the bank. Starting at just $15 per person, which includes entry for one child over five years of age and one supervising adult, it’s a steal. This affordability ensures that everyone can join in the fun without any worries. 

The inclusive price covers a range of activities that are both safe and engaging, under the watchful eyes of NPAC’s trained lifeguards. By choosing NPAC’s venue for your child’s birthday party in Melbourne, you’re opting for a hassle-free, value-packed celebration that everyone will talk about for years.

Kids Birthday Party Tailored to Make Every Child Smile

  • A Swim to Remember: Dive into the heart of the party with swimming activities that cater to all skill levels. The joy of splashing around with friends in NPAC’s pools makes every moment special, ensuring smiles all around.
  • Games Galore: NPAC knows how to keep the excitement going with water-based games designed to entertain. These activities are not only fun but also encourage teamwork and friendly competition.
  • A Personal Touch: With the ability to tailor your child’s birthday party according to their preferences, NPAC stands out as a versatile kids’ party venue in Melbourne. Whether it’s the theme, activities, or food, your child’s wishes are at the forefront.

Birthday Party Venue for Kids with Exciting Aquatic Adventures

  • Water Slides: Slide into fun with NPAC’s thrilling water slides, a hit among children of all ages. The slides offer a perfect blend of excitement and laughter, making the birthday party a splash hit.
  • Splash Park: For younger guests, the splash park offers a safe and engaging environment to enjoy water play. It’s an ideal spot for toddlers to partake in the fun, under the careful supervision of adults.

Delicious Catering Options

NPAC’s venue for kids’ birthday parties in Melbourne offers a variety of mouth-watering catering options to fuel the little swimmers and their guardians throughout the party.

  • Option 1: ($10pp): Dive into the joy of kid-approved classics with hot dogs and chips at NPAC. Perfect for satisfying those hunger pangs after a session in the pool, this option is a hit among kids who love their treats simple yet delicious. Served in a casual and enjoyable atmosphere, it ensures the little guests can refuel and jump right back into the fun. This hassle-free option makes planning the kids’ birthday party food a breeze, leaving more time for celebrations.
  • Option 2: ($10pp): NPAC’s offering of fresh sandwiches and fruit platters is a refreshing way to keep the party energised. This healthier choice doesn’t compromise on variety or flavour, catering to different tastes and dietary requirements. Whether your guests prefer vegetarian options or are looking for a light and tasty snack, this selection promises to keep everyone content and happy. It’s an excellent way to ensure there’s something for everyone, keeping both parents and kids satisfied.
  • Option 3: ($10pp): For a taste of party favourites, opt for NPAC’s mini pizzas and sausage rolls. These beloved classics are sure to be a crowd-pleaser, combining the comforting taste of homemade pizzas with the hearty delight of sausage rolls. Ideal for keeping the party atmosphere alive, this option promises to fill up those tummies and fuel the fun. It’s the perfect pick for a kids’ birthday party, ensuring the celebratory vibe stays high from start to finish.
  • Additional Platter Options (Serve 10-12): Elevate your child’s birthday party with NPAC’s additional platter options. Whether you’re after a sophisticated selection of cheese and crackers for the adults or a sweet treat for the kids with an assortment of sweets, there’s something to add that special touch to your celebration. These platters are not only a delightful way to add variety to your party menu but also ensure guests can nibble on tasty snacks throughout the event. It’s a wonderful addition that complements the main catering options, ensuring a well-rounded feast for all attendees.

Creating Lasting Birthday Memories at NPAC

Choosing NPAC as your kids’ birthday party venue in Melbourne means giving your child a celebration filled with laughter, excitement, and cherished moments. Beyond the fun aquatic activities and delicious food, it’s the joy of being surrounded by friends and family in a safe, engaging environment that makes NPAC special. 

Each birthday celebration is an opportunity to create lasting memories that your child and their guests will treasure. From the moment you book until the last guest leaves, NPAC’s dedicated team ensures your child’s birthday is not just successful but also stress-free and filled with joy.

Book your child’s next birthday with us for a splash-tastic celebration at Melbourne’s favourite kids’ party venue.