Latest and best cardio equipment

Noble Park Aquatic Centre provides the latest and best cardio equipment in the new 24 hour gym. The new dedicated cardio area features a huge range of cardio equipment – meaning more time working out and less time waiting for your desired machine. All cardio equipment features computerised screens, iPhone and USB attachments. 


Noble Park Aquatic Centre gym’s weights area has everything you need – with the latest modern electronic pin-loaded equipment as well as an extensive range of free weights including dumbbells and barbells to aid you in achieving your strength training goals. 

Functional Training

Dedicated functional training area

Functional Training is coming to Noble Park Aquatic Centre in late 2022! Functional Training helps to develop exercises that allow participants to perform common activities easily and reduces the risk of injury and stress to your body.  

Functional training doesn’t use machines, instead using free weights or no weights to complete compound exercises.


Noble Park Aquatic Centre will feature heart rate training via MyZone – Myzone is a wearable fitness tracker that shows your effort during your workout on screen and directly to your smart phone device. This is a great way to track your training with real time heart rate, calories burnt and intensity with five colour coded zones. 

All data is personalised for each user and aligns with the WHO guidelines for physical activity. 


Get the most out of your training

Are you new to the gym or experienced but wanting to make the most of your training, a program specifically designed for you by a trainer, can help you reach your fitness goals. 


Group Fitness

A fun and interactive way to get fit and healthy – Noble Park Aquatic Centre holds a number of classes every week in the group fitness rooms. 


Personal Trainers here at Noble Park Aquatic Centre can offer a program specifically designed for you that can help you reach your fitness goals. 

24 Hour Gym

Coming in late 2022, The new gym features a huge range of equipment that will cater to all fitness levels and enough machines to keep you working, not waiting.